Scholarly inquiry in the field of communication aims to systematically advance knowledge about how humans create, interpret, and respond to messages. Ultimately, our research helps us to understand how and why humans communicate the way they do. Therefore, the research contributions made by students of the Department of Communication Studies are a lasting part of the body of social scientific knowledge about communication.

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Undergraduate students have three options to satisfy the research requirement:

1. Typically students satisfy the requirement through participation in a research project (survey, experiment, etc.) conducted by one or more members of the Communication Studies Department. Note that COMM 1500: Interpersonal Communication students are restricted to offline studies and cannot satisfy the research requirement by completing online studies.

2. Students may also satisfy this requirement by writing a summary of a research article published within the past year that reports empirical findings. The article should be from the following list of journals: Communication Quarterly, Communication Reports, Communication Research Reports, Communication Studies, Southern Communication Journal, Western Journal of Communication, Human Communication Research, and Communication Monographs.

3. Students may attend one of three departmental events and write an analysis of the presentation.  The three events are colloquium, the public speaking contest, and the public debate (“Loud and Clear”).