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After graduating from the University of Tennessee with her B.A.C., Katie Scott accepted an offer to enter the accelerated PhD track in the University of Georgia's Department of Communication Studies. Katie is particularly interested in studying communication about women's health and sexual health, including how patients discuss these issues with their healthcare providers and how health campaigns address these topics. More specifically, Katie is interested in exploring the ways in which the healthcare service industry can encourage patient autonomy and self-determination as patients consider different healthcare decisions.

Her research on HPV vaccination receptivity and patient disclosure in gynecologic contexts has been presented at regional conferences, and her literature review (co-authored with Clint Graves) on consent and sex communication was published in the University of Tennessee's undergraduate research journal. Currently, Katie is working on a variety of projects that include topics such as intersectionality, the dark side of sexual assault disclosures, the ethics of public health campaigns, and how patients use online health information during interactions with their providers. She is also a teaching assistant for COMM 1500: Intro to Interpersonal Communication.

Of note:

Recently, Katie and a co-author were published in Pursuit - The Journal of Undergraduate Research at University of Tennessee. The literature review critically examined existing research on consent and sex communication.

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