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Caldwell 513

Katie Scott is an accelerated PhD student in Interpersonal and Health Communication. Leaving Knoxville with a B.A.C. from the University of Tennessee and years of digital marketing experience, Katie came to UGA to pursue research centered on improving patient care in the healthcare service industry. As a critical feminist scholar, her approach to research seeks practicable implications drawn from data that privileges the lived experiences of patients from marginalized communities. Katie is particularly interested in communication about gender and the pain experience, with an emphasis in how people communicate about chronic pelvic pain. Although pain is her current area of focus, Katie has also conducted and presented research on HPV vaccination receptivity, perceived ethicality of health campaigns, patient disclosure in gynecologic contexts, interpersonal sexual assault disclosure, consent communication, and more. 

Of note:

Katie was awarded “Top Student Paper” in the Applied Communication Division at the 2018 Annual Convention of the Southern States Communication Association and a Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Fellowship. 

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