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Kristin Andersen is currently working towards her earning a PhD in Interpersonal & Health Communication. She earned a dual BA in Communication Studies and Studio Art from Chapman University in 2010 and her MA in Interpersonal & Health Communication from the University of Georgia in 2014. Kristin has assisted on several research projects and been an instructor of record for Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (COMM 1500). Additionally, she has held the positions of Spotlight Scholar Co-Chair and Recruitment Co-Chair in service to the department, and last year received the Jerold L. Hale Award for service to the department. Kristin’s current research interests are centered on the intersection of identity/self-perceptions and communication in health contexts, such as violence perpetration and victimization, weight-based stigma communication, body talk and health behaviors, and children's identity ambiguity when parents are diagnosed with cancer. 

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Kristin's article, co-authored with Dr. Arroyo and entitled "Appearance-Related Communication and Body Image Outcomes: Fat and Old Talk Among Mothers and Daughters," was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Family Communication. 

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