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Logan is pursuing a PhD in Rhetorical Studies after earning his M.A. in Communication from Wake Forest University, where his work centered on bioethical controversies in public discourse, asking after the intersections of rhetoric of religion and science. He completed his B.A. at Samford University, majoring in Political Science. His research interests involve Presidential rhetoric, public health, and security. These interests have led him to pursue research into the Ebola crisis of 2014, investigating the militarization of international health assistance. Finding his communication roots as a competitive college policy debater, he continued to work with debate teams during his time at Wake Forest University, and he is currently a graduate assistant coach for the Georgia Debate Union. Logan has experience teaching Introduction to Public Speaking and Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism.

Of note:

Logan is an Assistant Coach for the University of Georgia Debate Team that qualified two teams for the 2015 National Debate Tournament.