Valerie Coles Cone
Graduate Student

Valerie B. Coles Cone is a Ph.D. candidate in Interpersonal and Health Studies. She joined the doctoral program in 2013 after completing both her M.A. in Communication Studies and her B.A. in Speech Communication with a Sociology minor from the University of Georgia.

Valerie’s research interests focus on difficult conversations and relationships in both interpersonal and health contexts. She is particularly interested in the relationship between emotion, conflict, and aggressive and assertive communication. Her M.A. thesis investigated how individuals strategically manage emotions during conflicts with a relational partner.

Valerie has taught a variety of classes at UGA as both a Graduate Teaching Assistant and as an Adjunct Instructor. In addition to teaching, Valerie worked as a project manager for an intervention funded through the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. She also worked with the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Program. 

Curriculum Vitae: