Roger Stahl

Roger Stahl is an associate professor with interests in rhetoric, media, and culture. He arrived at UGA in 2004 after receiving his Ph.D. in Communication Arts Sciences from Penn State University. Since then, his research has focused mainly on the rhetoric of war, specifically the intersection of military realities and popular culture. His 2010 book Militainment, Inc.: War, Media, and Popular Culture (as well as his 2007 documentary by the same name) traces this relationship in recent years. Stahl also has various interests in media theory, critical theory, continental philosophy, law, visual rhetoric, and the influence of advertising and public relations on culture and politics. Many of these themes enter into the classroom. Stahl has taught courses in the political history of the camera, media theory, the rhetoric of war, public speaking, argumentation in the courtroom, critical theories of popular culture, and contemporary rhetorical theory. He enjoys connecting his classroom to contemporary issues and thinking about the political struggles within everyday patterns of cultural consumption.

Curriculum Vitae: