Hillary Palmer
Graduate Student

Hillary Palmer is a Ph.D. student in Rhetorical Studies. She came to UGA in 2013 after completing a M.A. in Communication at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Hillary also holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Hillary's research interests lie at the intersection of rhetorical theory and criticism and women and gender studies. She is particularly interested in how these areas come together in and through the visual and processes of public memory. These curiosities have developed into a variety of projects that interrogate photojournalism. For example, Hillary has looked at cycles of need, silence, and commodification in online famine aid imagery, and the ways in which collective memory processes and the theorizing of nation are articulated by depictions of women in mainstream media coverage of Mexico's Drug War. Most recently Hillary has been preoccupied by questions about time: how do contemporary photojournalistic practices/technologies impact the way we understand the photograph and temporality; and how do temporal shifts in the rhetoric of the photograph alter the logics by which we understand such images.

Curriculum Vitae: