1) Who is my advisor?

If you have earned less than 60 earned credit hours, you will need to see an advisor in the Franklin College of Arts Sciences in 301 Brooks Hall.

If you have 60 or more earned credit hours, you see the Department of Communication Studies Academic Advisor (commadvs@uga.edu) in 615 Caldwell Hall. Make an appointment through SAGE.


2) How do I sign up for an advising appointment?

Please sign up for an available advising appointment on SAGE.


3) How do I get cleared to register for classes?

The Academic Advisor will clear an individual for classes during a scheduled advisement appointment. Missed advising appointments can be made up during No Show walk-in hours.


4) What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Review your degree audit using DegreeWorks to get a sense what requirements you still need to complete. 


5) How do I register for upper-level COMM courses?

The upper-level COMM courses are coded as POMM courses in Athena. This means that they are "Permission of Major and Minor." If you are a declared Communication Studies major or minor, and have met the prerequisites for the course, you will be able to add the course if there are still seats available.


6) What if I cannot keep or miss my appointment?

If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it through SAGE. If it is too late to cancel through SAGE, email commadvs@uga.edu as soon as possible. If you cancel before the appointment is missed, you will be able to reschedule. If you are a no-show, you can be advised during No Show walk-in hours.


7) Can I take COMM 3310 and COMM 4900 more than once?

The following courses are repeatable:

  • COMM 3310, Case Studies in Public Communication, is repeatable for a maximum of 6 hours ;
  • COMM 4900, Special Topics in Communication Studies, is repeatable for a maximum of 12 hours; and 
  • COMM 3350, Topics in Interpersonal and Health Communication Processes, is repeatable for 6 hours. 

You may NOT repeat the course in the same topic. Ensure that the topic is different from what you have already taken.