Graduate Courses
COMM 4310E/6310E Communication Strategies in Government
COMM 4310/6310 Communication Strategies in Government
COMM 6320 Political Campaign Communication
COMM 4340/6340 Communication and Religion
COMM 4350/6350 Scientific Communication
COMM 4350E/6350E Scientific Communication
COMM 4360/6360 Communication Strategies in Social Movements
COMM 4370/6370 Women and United States Public Discourse
COMM 4410/6410 Rhetoric and Democracy in the Ancient World
COMM 4510/6510 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 4540/6540 Interpersonal Conflict
COMM 4550/6550 Organizational Communication
COMM(HPRB) 4610/6610 Health Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4830/6830 African American Relational Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4840/6840 African American Family Communication
COMM 7000 Master's Research
COMM 7200 Master's Comprehensive Preparation
COMM 7250 Research Writing
COMM 7300 Master's Thesis
COMM 7500 Seminar in Communication Training and Development
COMM(JRMC) 7612 Medical Interviewing and Information Dissemination
COMM 8000 Colloquium on Communication Theory, Criticism, and Practice
COMM 8010 Seminar in Public Communication Education
COMM 8011 Seminar in Interpersonal Communication Education
COMM 8020 Introduction to Graduate Study in Communication Studies
COMM 8030 Professional Development in Communication Studies
COMM 8050 Research Practicum in Communication
COMM 8165 Public Health Communication
COMM 8200 Seminar in Rhetorical Theory
COMM 8210 Seminar in Classical Rhetorical Theory
COMM 8220 Seminar in Argumentation
COMM 8230 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
COMM 8250 Critical Theories of Discourse
COMM 8300 Seminar in Rhetorical Criticism
COMM 8310 Topics in Public Address
COMM 8330 Topics in Rhetorical Theory
COMM 8340 Methodologies of Rhetorical Criticism
COMM 8350 The Rhetoric of Science
COMM 8360 Feminist Theory and Criticism
COMM 8500 Seminar in Interpersonal Communication Theory
COMM 8520 Seminar In Communication and Social Influence
COMM 8540 Relational Communication
COMM 8550 Advanced Topics in Interpersonal Communication
COMM 8610 Seminar in Health Communication
COMM 8620 Seminar in Organizational Communication
COMM 8700 Social Scientific Research Methods in Communication Studies
COMM 8800 Seminar in Intercultural Communication
COMM 8990 Directed Study and Special Topics in Communication Studies
COMM 9000 Doctoral Research
COMM 9300 Doctoral Dissertation