******The application deadline for Fall 2018 admission is December 13, 2017. The Graduate Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications at that time and offers of admission and assistantships will be made in January; however, applications will be accepted throughout the spring semester until we meet our admissions goal.

Any questions can be directed to the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Belinda Stillion Southard, at bss@uga.edu.


The Graduate Program of the UGA Department of Communication Studies offers a rigorous, theoretical, and intensive study in foundational and cutting-edge perspectives in Rhetorical Studies (RS) and Interpersonal and Health Studies (I and H).

Research is a central focus in all coursework and training at the M.A. and Ph.D. level. In both areas of specialization, students work closely with faculty to become successful teachers, independent scholars, and innovative researchers with the ability both to produce new knowledge about communication and to effectively share it with others in order to make a positive difference in people's private and public lives. Our goal is for our graduate students to be well versed and competent in communication research and theory, whether they choose to pursue careers in academia or public and private sectors.

A primary attraction of graduate study in our department is the faculty. Our faculty is composed of an impressive number of award-winning teachers and researchers. Many of our faculty are members of one or more editorial boards, hold leadership positions in national and regional professional organizations, and have been recognized by those organizations for their outstanding scholarship, teaching and service. Our scholarship regularly appears in flagship journals in the communication discipline and we have a consistent record of securing funding from private, local, state, federal government agencies.

Another attractive feature of our program is our exclusivity. We admit a limited number of students each year to enable faculty accessibility and an individually-tailored program of study. Most, if not all, of our admitted students are awarded a research or teaching assistantship, which includes insurance coverage. Every student has the opportunity to work with multiple faculty members on a research project before reaching the stage of independent research.

The department is proud of our retention and completion rate, with over 90% of our masters students finishing in 2 years or less and 95% of our doctoral students finishing in 5 years or less. Upon completion, graduates of our program have a high placement rate in colleges and universities, government and business.