Students enrolled in communication studies courses may be asked to satisfy a departmental research requirement or they may be offered the opportunity to participate in research for extra credit. Please note that a "research endeavor" is not restricted to participation in a research study. We have three alternatives that students may choose from. One option is to participate in a research study. A second option is to summarize a research article. A third option is to attend a department colloquium and write a summary of the talk. The Communication Studies Department regards student participation in these research endeavors as an educational experience.
Scholarly inquiry in the field of communication aims to systematically advance knowledge about how humans create, interpret, and respond to messages. Ultimately, our research helps us to understand how and why humans communicate the way they do. Therefore, the research contributions made by students of the Department of Communication Studies are a lasting part of the body of social scientific knowledge about communication.
For further information on research opportunities, download this document: Guide for Undergraduates.

Removing Enrollment from a Research Opportunity

If you have signed up for a research opportunity but can no longer participate, you may request to have your name removed from the opportunity sign-up list. Please email the department's Research Coordinator, Dr. Jiaying Liu ( with the subject "Request Removal from Research Opportunity Sign-up." In your email you need to include all of the following: your full name, the email address you used to sign-up, the name of the research opportunity, the day and time slot of the research opportunity (if applicable), and the reason for your removal. You will receive a follow-up email after you have been removed.