Undergraduate Courses
COMM 1100 Introduction to Public Speaking
COMM 1300 Introduction to Academic Debate
COMM 1500 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMM 1500E Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMM 1800 Cultural Diversity in Communication
COMM 2150H Perspective on Public Communication (Honors)
COMM 2200 Rhetoric and Society
COMM 2200E Rhetoric and Society
COMM 2360 Rhetoric and Popular Culture
COMM 2400 Oral Decision Making
COMM 2520 Introduction to Interviewing
COMM 2550H Perspective on Interpersonal Communication (Honors)
COMM 2600 Communicating and Relationships
COMM 2700E Communicating in Digital Environments
COMM 3100 Advanced Public Communication
COMM 3200 Business and Professional Communication
COMM 3300 Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism
COMM 3310 Case Studies in Public Communication
COMM 3320 Environmental Communication
COMM 3330 Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement
COMM 3350 Topics in Interpersonal and Health Communication Processes
COMM 3500 Interpersonal Communication Theory
COMM 3600 Small Group Communication
COMM 3600S Small Group Communication
COMM 3700 Empirical Research Methods In Communication
COMM 3800 Mediated Interpersonal Communication
COMM(AFAM) 3820 Interracial Communication
COMM 3820S International Perspectives on Interracial Communication (IPIC)
COMM 4100 Speech Composition
COMM 4200 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
COMM 4220 Argumentation
COMM 4310/6310 Communication Strategies in Government
COMM 4310E/6310E Communication Strategies in Government
COMM 4320 Communication Strategies in Political Campaigns
COMM 4330 Communication Strategies in the Courtroom
COMM 4340/6340 Communication and Religion
COMM 4350/6350 Scientific Communication
COMM 4350E/6350E Scientific Communication
COMM 4360/6360 Communication Strategies in Social Movements
COMM 4370/6370 Women and United States Public Discourse
COMM 4410/6410 Rhetoric and Democracy in the Ancient World
COMM 4500 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4510/6510 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 4520 Persuasion
COMM 4530 Advanced Small Group Communication
COMM 4540/6540 Interpersonal Conflict
COMM 4550/6550 Organizational Communication
COMM(HPRB) 4610/6610 Health Communication
COMM (HIST) 4635 Paris and its Symbols: Public Art and the Public Self
COMM 4800 Intercultural Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4830/6830 African American Relational Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4840/6840 African American Family Communication
COMM 4900 Special Topics in Communication
COMM 4910 Internship in Communication
COMM 4920 Debate Practicum
COMM 4930 Directed Study in Communication
COMM 4940 Directed Practicum in Communication Research
COMM 4960H Directed Reading and/or Projects (Honors)
COMM 4970H Directed Reading and/or Projects (Honors)
COMM 4980H Directed Reading and/or Projects (Honors)
COMM 4990H Honors Thesis in Communication Studies