Dr. Happe will be delivering a plenary address at the 2016 biennial Public Address Conference to be held at Syracuse University, September 29th-October 1. 

According the organizers, "The Public Address Conference is acclaimed and coveted for its tradition of featuring keynote and plenary speakers from among the field’s most prominent and exciting scholars, seasoned and emergent."
In her talk, titled "Speech, Biopolitics, and the Possibility of Address: Towards a Theory of the Utopian Gesture," Dr. Happe will be presenting new research in which she asks how rhetorical scholars can assess the significance of new social movements that employ unconventional forms of speech and address in order to put forth and enact new visions of economic and political relations.
For more information about the conference and this year's list of speakers, go to  http://pac2016.vpa.syr.edu/

Friday, September 9, 2016 - 11:18am