Becca Steiner and Clay Stewart

UGA Debate coaches Becca Steiner and Clay Stewart were both recognized as co-grad student coaches of the year at this year's Southeast Cross Examination Debate Association debate tournament at Emory University. Becca and Clay are both graduate students in the department of Communication Studies, and are well known for their generosity, upbeat attitudes, and dedication to their crafts. Becca Steiner, a first year PhD student, invests significant time and energy into her debater's competitive success as well as their affective well being. Becca is routinely recognized as one of the most preferred debate judges in the country, a reflection of her intellect, acumen, and wisdom. Clay Stewart, a second year MA who will be returning to UGA for his PhD, was recognized for his work with both the UGA Debate team and the Atlanta Urban Debate League (a debate league aimed at providing debate to low income and otherwise disenfranchised high school students). Both Becca and Clay will be returning to coach UGA next year.   

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 10:50am