Embodying Justice: 2018 Public Address Conference

The Department of Communication is pleased to announce that Dr. Celeste M. Condit has been honored by the 2018 Public Address Conference. The biennial PAC has a long tradition of recognizing scholars who have influenced the field in profound and far-reaching ways with their scholarship. Previous honorees include Edwin Black, Stephen Lucas, and Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, among many others.

Dr. Condit’s long record of outstanding interdisciplinary scholarship in a number of fields – including women’s studies, science communication, medicine, genetics, and cultural studies – has foregrounded the ways in which discourse influences social change. She has received grants from the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. Within the field, she has received numerous awards, including the Nichols Outstanding Scholarship Award, the Golden Monograph Award, and the Ehninger Distinguished Scholarship Award. With multiple books and over 100 journal articles in her name, the Department is proud to have supported Dr. Condit’s stellar research program and is excited to see her work recognized at PAC 2018.

Dr. Condit’s more recent research focuses on the role of emotion in politics, both international and national. Her most recent book, Angry Public Rhetorics, addresses the motivational role of emotion in collective action. It was released in August by the University of Michigan Press.   

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 11:44am