Explore our study abroad opportunities. Visit Costa Rica or Paris while earning 6 hours of credit for your Communication Studies major or minor. Each program offers the unique advantage of being able to draw from your surroundings to enhance each class. Location and activities included on excursions are an integral part of course material and the overall study abroad experience.

UGA à Paris:
Known as the City of Light, Paris is one of the world’s great cities, boasting numerous historical, cultural, and artistic sites. You will be able to visit world-renowned locations, including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. Students can immerse themselves in Paris’s museums, galleries, and neighborhoods while exploring the Latin Quarter, the Marais, Montmartre, the Bastille, Les Invalides, the Champs Elysées, or the designer shops on the rue Faubourg St. Honoré. There are also many opportunities for independent travel. Paris is well served by train and air service, allowing students to travel across Europe on the three-day weekends and during the four-day break between the blocks.

This program focuses upon the economy, politics, culture, and history of France and Western Europe. Students arrive in Paris on May 15 and depart on June 26. The program is run on the “block” system and students will take one course in each of the two blocks for a total of 6 credit hours. Spending six weeks in Paris, students will not only have the opportunity to gain credit towards their degrees but also to soak up aspects of Parisian and French culture. The program also includes overnight trips to the Loire Valley, where students will visit several chateaux, and to Normandy, where you will see some of the beaches used during the D-Day landings of June 6, 1944, together with the world-famous 11th century Bayeux Tapestry commissioned by William the Conqueror and the fortified monastery of Mont St-Michel.

For more information, please visit http://paris.uga.edu/.


UGA Costa Rica:

Are you interested in a Study Abroad experience that is guaranteed to change your life? Then, the Department of Communication Studies Study Abroad Program "International Perspectives on Interracial Communication" is the program for you!  Some of the amazing activities included in this program are ziplining, whitewater rafting, hiking in the rainforest, surfing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and many more!! These activities are combined with lectures, field activities, cultural immersion, service-learning projects, and community engagement designed to provide knowledge about race, culture, and communication relative to Costa Rica.

The long-running Interracial Communication program uses a field setting to better understand the significance of communication within Western society. And Costa Rica, given its rich heritage of Latino and Afro-Caribbean influences—not to mention the continual influx of American expatriates along its coastal communities—is an ideal context in which to observe these cultural shifts and tensions. This program, perhaps more than any other UGA Costa Rica program, explores the country and culture of Costa Rica, visiting multiple provinces from the Pacific Coast, to the mountainous rural regions, to the great Central Valley, to the Caribbean Sea. This rigorous travel schedule in combination with the associated excursions at each local are an integral part of course material and the overall study abroad experience.

The goal of this program is to extend knowledge and understanding of race relations. Students learn theories and concepts about race as a social construction and its implications for interpersonal communication between racially (and ethnically) different individuals. Students will move from thinking about race to applying what they have learned to real world experiences. Understanding of the reality of race and racialized experiences that exist beyond the borders of the U. S. will be the challenge students face. They will be engaged in field studies and self-reflective activities and assignments that explore race, racism, ethnicity, racial identity construction, and interracial communication as they relate to Costa Rica as a global culture. Using a cultural lens, this course will aim to deconstruct the way we think about race as a global social phenomenon that has significantly impacted various cultures existent within Costa Rica. Immersing ourselves in the culture will offer insight into and understanding of how race has evolved over time into a social ideology that continues to divide ethnic groups according to phenotypic (i.e., physical) features.

If the societal influences of history, language, communication patterns, and media help to shape our understanding of how culture is formed, then this month-long cultural immersion experience will help to investigate these processes, challenge the assumptions of its participants, and ultimately promote positive interracial communication.

For more information visit the "International Perspectives on Interracial Communication" page on the UGA Costa Rica website or contact Dr. Tina Harris. You can also read Dr. Harris's interview with Discover UGA about the study abroad program.