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Georgia Debate Union

Coaching Opportunities

Interested in joining UGA debate in the capacity of assistant coach? We're always looking for those with time, energy, and a desire to help coach our like-minded undergraduates. For those interested in continuing their formal education, pursuing studies in communication, or in just continuing to be involved in the debate community, the University of Georgia has a tremendous amount to offer. With a proven track record of success in intercollegiate debate, Georgia couples a competitive debate program with one of the top speech communication programs in the country. While academic performance is stressed at UGA (as it should be in any graduate program), the Debate Union is able to provide a number of assistantship supports each year, allowing debate to substitute for the standard teaching load. Assistantships are available to both Masters and Doctoral students. The links below provide additional details and information about the department and the admissions process in general.

Helpful Links

  • Information about the Ph.D and the M.A. programs in Communication Studies
  • The Department of Communication Studies website has extensive information on faculty, program, and research focus. The page is updated on an annual basis, so it should accurately reflect the current incarnation of the department. Questions can also be sent to individual faculty members by using their email addresses, or you can contact Dr. Bjorn Stillion Southard, the Director of Debate, at 706-542-4445.
  • The University of Georgia website provides general information about the University as well as search functionality and a user-friendly interface.
  • The Graduate School has a site dedicated to providing easy access to information about graduate programs at the University, as well as providing on-line copies of forms needed at various stages of one's graduate career. These are the people who ultimately control one's financial destiny.

Support our Department

We greatly appreciate your generosity. Your gift enables us to offer our students and faculty opportunities for research, travel, and any number of educational events that augment the classroom experience. Support the efforts of the Department of Communication Studies by visiting our giving section. Read more